Motherhood And Self-Care

I’m the oldest of seven kids and therefore I was born with an extra weight of responsibility and standard to live up to. Both my parents lost their own parents really young, therefore neither of them learned to be parents from anyone but themselves. They escaped from a civil war in Somalia, with no certitude and no real sense of where to go until we arrived here in Canada. I was the first to graduate from university in our household. My sense of accomplishment has always stemmed from my parents' sacrifice. Raising me was a learning curve for them; they often parented from a place of fear, they were either too strict or too demanding but over the years they changed with my siblings and it upset and hurt me. It took me becoming a mother myself, to forgive and understand their mistakes. I now know, being a parent takes tremendous courage and sometimes we make mistakes even when we mean to do our best.

Motherhood has changed me in so many unique ways; I have birthed not only my children but a new version of myself. I have discovered to love myself, nourish myself and be content with who I am, and what I have been blessed with. In raising my daughter, I strive to give her the courage to stand for what she believes in, find her own self-love and to always seek her own strength. We must always seek love and guidance from God first and then from within. I’m a firm believer in self-healing, self-reflection as well as self-care and self-love. Too often we rely on others to define us, complete us and dictate our mood.

I start each day with prayer, intention, and proceed with purpose. If you don’t remind yourself of where you are going, anyone can derail you. I surround myself with people that uplift me and that shine right alongside me. I give myself positive affirmation and countless forms of self-love so that my daughter can learn from me. I don’t rely on anyone to fill my love tank! That’s right not even my husband. My mother didn’t have a mother to emulate, I intend to break that cycle. This goal drives me each day to do my best but also the courage to forgive myself, along the way as I stumble and make mistakes. Motherhood is a never-ending journey of self-discovery, constant learning and the biggest blessing in my life.

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