Top 6 Tools for Authors

How can you make your work, and thus your life, as an author easier? What tools and resources do you need on hand to streamline your process? Today, I am sharing six tools that I use regularly - the best part is that all of these are on my phone so they’re always at my fingertips! 

I’d love to hear what you’re already doing so after you read this post, go back on my Instagram and comment on which tools you already use and what you would recommend to your fellow authors.

  • Google Drive

This might sound like an obvious choice but you’d be surprised how many people are still not taking advantage of this free storage system from Google. Use Google Photos to save pictures of handwritten notes, Google Sheets to track all your query letters and responses, Google Calendar to manage your writing schedule around other daily commitments, and don’t forget Google Docs! Docs is my go-to word processor as it syncs on ALL your devices, so start writing a chapter on your phone from anywhere at all and come back to edit on your laptop whenever you’re ready! 

Canva makes all your graphic designing needs so easy. From social media posts to e-books and newsletters, there’s nothing that Canva can’t help you with. Take your time playing around with it but also watch as many tutorials as you can find on YouTube to make sure you’re taking full advantage of this tool. There’s just so much you can do here. Design your very own logo, make templates for your social media posts, save your brand colors (pro version) and so much more. 

You’ve definitely heard of Grammarly, the question is - did you take it seriously? Having an extension of Grammarly on your phone and web browser will give you one less thing to worry about - typos. As a writer, there’s nothing worse than a spelling or grammar mistake in an email or social media post. Grammarly will catch all those and be the editor who is always by your side! Upgrade to the premium version for even more features that can help you as you edit your novel or proposal.

This one is so important if you’re looking to build your email list as an author. I love MailChimp because it’s so fun and easy to use! Design your emails yourself or upload a beautiful newsletter you’ve just designed on Canva. Schedule emails to go out at key times and track the success of your campaigns. You’ll have to do most of the work from your desktop but it helps to have the app to track your emails. 

There isn’t currently a better project management tool out there! Asana is a great way to keep in touch with your editor and illustrator as you work on your book together. Assign tasks to each other and comment on the task itself to ask related questions or leave links. However, even for projects, you are working on by yourself, Asana is such a great organizational tool, break down your tasks and map them out on Asana so you can keep yourself in check!

Last but not least, Milkshake! This is the best linking tool for creatives. Milkshake allows you to create a free instant-website where you can creatively leave all your links. Use your brand colors, catchy phrases, and photos that pop to create something that is one hundred percent YOU. Asking readers to head to the “link in bio” will feel so much more special.

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