My name is Rahma Mohamed, and I was born and raised in Hargeisa, Somalia. At the age of eight, my family immigrated to Canada. We arrived in Quebec, where I attended my first formal school in French. The first few years were challenging, I endured years of bullying due to me being the only black Somali girl in my class and my inability to speak the language. But eventually, I would be first to graduate from University in my family, having mastered both French and English.  


What led me to become an Author?

I didn't learn to read until the age of ten. And when that happened, a new world opened up to me. I read all kinds of stories. But I never found myself in any of them. I intuitively understood that I was not important enough to be written about.



Once I became a mother, I set out to self-publish children's books to encourage youth to be proud of their uniqueness by celebrating diversity. Reflecting on my struggles of growing up in a foreign country, I became determined to offer books centered on characters that are Muslim and with African roots. I firmly believe that children need to be able to identify themselves in the book they read to enhance their self-confidence as well as bolster their sense of pride. I write under the pen name Rahma Rodaah which my first name and my middle name combined. I now juggle the joys of motherhood as I chase my three kids, my part-time job, and finally, my writing, which happens during nap times, my lunch breaks at work, and any other moment I can find.



If you believe each child deserves to see themselves in the books, they lo to read, then spread the message and share my books with your family.