Somali Cultural Festival

Somali Cultural Festival

When I wrote "Little Brother For Sale" in 2018, I never thought it would be translated into multiple languages. But sometimes, your work runs far past your wildest dreams. "Little Brother For Sale" is now available in Swedish and Somali by @somabookspublisher

Last December, I had the incredible privilege of travelling all the way to Stockholm to present at the @somaliskkulturfestival 

December 9th 2023 marked the start of the Somalisk Kulturfestival in Sweden. It was a phenomenal success, attracting over 300 children to various activities and approximately 800 visitors overall. This remarkable turnout is a testament to Somali culture’s vibrant appeal and significance. Guest travelled from across the world and around Europe to attend.

The festival’s richness was further amplified by the diverse range of activities and contributors. There were over 25 authors who presented their books, offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Somali literature. The festival also showcased three films, and two talented directors were in attendance. There were engaging workshops, interactive and educational experiences for attendees, and activities and storytelling time for children. We ate Somali food and listened to traditional Somali music. This immersive experience engaged all my senses and allowed me to be my full and authentic self.

But most of all, the highlight of this experience was reading my book in my mother tongue. This felt like coming home, a truly full-circle moment. I felt embraced and celebrated in a way I had never experienced before. Leaving my country at the tender age of 6, I never had the chance to attend school in Somalia. So, reading my book written in my 3rd language in my mother tongue was special. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and am still in awe that a small book written by an immigrant girl in Canada is now being read in 3 languages worldwide.

Thank you to my publisher @somabookspublisher and the organizers of @somaliskkulturfestival for inviting me to be part of this amazing festival.

If you are interested in purchasing Somali or Swedish copies of “Little Brother For Sale” please order them from @somabookspublisher

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