Dear Daughter

You are growing up in a world where the female body is everywhere for public consumption, where women’s most valuable assets are displayed on a daily basis. These women are conditioned to believe that their bodies are a commodity or an access pass to the most exclusive circles.

How am I to raise you to be modest and know your worth under such circumstances? God has ordained us to lower our gaze but that would mean walking blind.

I just pray that we are able to provide you with a childhood that gives you confidence in who you are and who you dream to be. I strive each day so the first love you experience with a man is your father, so he may show you how you deserve to be loved.

Most of these women may not have been so blessed to have the type of father you have and perhaps if they had they would not be an empty vessel, waiting to be filled with self-love by the first man they meet. Or drones that are programmed to drop their clothes for the pleasure of men. Their self-worth is linked to the number of ballers, producers or wealthy men they have captured. They are lost souls not knowing that God has created them as a gift to man and not as the toy they are being used for. They should see themselves as precious and rare as a pearl and not a cheap piece of meat available to anyone at any fast food window. 

I’m struggling daily not to give in to the crowd mentality, not to contemplate which procedure would correct the flaw and scar I got from carrying and birthing you. I know that if I give up this fight, you won’t hesitate when your turn comes. Giving you this courage and confidence is daunting and all I can do is pray that God gives you this inner force to be as radiant as you are today.

I’m praying for you and me dear daughter, if it were not for my faith I would not even think of fighting for this cause. I rest knowing that God will guide us, shield us, and protect us from becoming empty objects that others can abuse and misuse. 

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