Ramadan Prep for Busy Women!

How to have your most productive Ramadan yet 

Ramadan is that soulful staycation that we wait for all year round. We pack up our worldly worries as tight as we can and then we bring them to our nightly prayers and iftar tables. We spend quality time with Allah and make lasting memories with our families. 

Like any staycation, Ramadan requires a bit of planning especially if you want to make the most out of every minute. Here are some tips to prepare your mind, body, and soul for the most wonderful time of the year. 


  • Meal prep

This is great all year round but the happiness of a well-stocked freezer on long fasting days is like none other. Prep some school lunches as well and thank yourself on the glowy but groggy mornings after a full night of prayer. Does the Ramadan e-book have recipes? Could plug it in here. 

  • Ramadan decorations

Banners, calendars, lanterns, the works! It’s all out in stores now, so squeeze in some time and pick up (or order online) what you need. That way, all you have left to do is put them up when it’s time. 

  • Eid presents

The last ten days of Ramadan are the most intense and important. Leaving gift buying (which is supposed to be fun!) to the last minute is such a stressor. For extra efficiency, wrap the gifts and put them in your closet. Books are the ultimate present, head to our store, and give the gift of reading this year. 

  • Deep cleaning

With the virus on the rise and Ramadan right around the corner, this is the perfect time to spring clean and disinfect. Declutter the kitchen and all your rooms, wipe clean all the surfaces you normally walk right past, and get your house Ramadan ready. 

  • Spirituality while you work 

Apart from planning ahead, there’s a lot more to get your mind ready for Ramadan. While you work, clean and shop - listen to Quran, a spiritual lecture or a podcast to get yourself into Ramadan gear. 

  • Minimize socialization + social media 

If you really think about it, 30 days is hardly enough. Gather with your friends at the masjid and connect with your family at meals, Ramadan is about merging community and spirituality - not one at the expense of the other. 

  • Kids activities 

Moms! Don’t wait until you burn out to rush to the dollar store for some independent activities that will let you sneak in a nap when you miss your coffee. Make a Ramadan basket right now! Download these coloring pages from our website and check out the books that go with them. 


  • Training and make-up fasts

Make-up all your leftover fasts from Ramadan and train your body for the upcoming month. Training in advance helps cut down the adjustment period of the first week of fasting. You can identify the most difficult times of the day and also, detox! 

  • Cut down caffeine

Cutting down on caffeine can be a little intimidating but start now and save yourself from Ramadan headaches. Cut down a cup a day or gradually move your coffee to a bit later in the evening. 

  • Make a healthy eating plan 

Train your body to live without junk and sugar. Stock up on healthy, beneficial items that will keep your energy up throughout the day. Check our Ramadan Guides here!

  • Adjust your workout plan 

Don’t stop moving in Ramdan, just adjust your workout routine as needed. This will look different for everyone, so just do what works best for you! 


  • Wake up for Tahajjud 

One of the best parts of Ramadan? Taraweeh and tahajjud. Train yourself for night prayers by waking up for Tahajjud from now on. Connect with Allah and ask for a productive Ramadan. 

  • Increase your sunnah prayers

Take an extra 5 minutes out of your day and add a sunnah whenever you can. 

  • Make a dua list

Start your day with some mindfulness - add to your dua list every single morning until Ramadan and get yourself in the mindset to make dua. 

  • Increase Quran recitation 

Make some time to recite Quran every day. Don’t wait for Ramadan to pick up your Quran, get a headstart, and start reading, understanding, and applying now. 


Hope these tips have been helpful to you 

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