We Have Two Beautiful Ramadan Guides For You

The Mindful Ramadan 2020

A Mindful Ramadan seeks to connect your heart and mind. It's a concept that wants you to slow down and have a more profound and more peaceful time with yourself.  A Mindful Ramadan will push you to ask hard question and experience and inner journey where quiet and reflective time will be what you cherish most.

This Ramadan guide is not just informative; it is also interactive. We want to encourage constant inner reflection and hopefully inspire you to implement some of these practices.

Healthy Productive Ramadan 2019

This guide is not another item to stress about or add to your ever growing to do list. We intend to give you tips and we encourage you to look through all of them before you start implementing any of them. That way you’ll have a strong sense of what will work for your lifestyle. It’s about enhancing your Ramadan experience and not about attaining perfection. It’s about being gentle with yourself and supporting your strengths.

Our goal is to help you create daily habits with simple strategies that will make this Ramadan less stressful, more productive and healthier. 

Meet The Authors

Idil Farah

Idil is a Registered Nutritionist and Health Educator, with a BASc in Food and Nutrition. She has over ten years of experience working with clients in both a clinical and community setting. She is currently running her own multi-faceted nutrition practice, Nutrition@idilsworld. Alongside her practice, she also works in a community healthcare setting where she teaches both preventive health and prenatal health classes.

Fundamental to Idil’s practice is an integrative approach to health, that puts emphasis on working alongside other healthcare practitioners. Her customized approach to nutrition counselling and holistic health is a unique blend of science , experience, both professional and personal that goes beyond the conventional training she received in university and the training she got a as health coach.

She strives to educate and inspire her clients to prioritize themselves, reclaim their health and feel their best from the inside out.

Rahma Rodaah

Rahma is an award winning Self-published author and a mother of three young kids. Noticing a lack of diversity in the market for Muslim Children books and recollecting her own struggles of growing up as an immigrant, she became determined to offer books featuring characters that are Muslim and with African roots. She released her first picture book title, Muhiima’s Quest, in 2017 and her second book, Little Brother for Sale was released in the summer of 2018.

Rahma believes that children need to be able to identify themselves in the books they read to enhance their self-confidence as well as bolster their sense of pride. She promotes her message by visiting schools in her hometown and internationally via Skype. 

She hosts workshops to encourage children to write and share their stories. She is currently working on publishing more books as well as translating her current works to have them available to more children around the world.

Our Recipes Are Both Nutritious And Delicious 

With The Mindful Ramadan Guide

  • A full guide with information on mindfulness
  • A workbook With Probing Questions To Help You Dig Deeper. 
  • Over 25 Recipes 
  • A Full Grocery Shopping List
  • A Ramadan Meal Plan Template

With The Productive Ramadan Guide

  • 26  pages guide with tips and strategies to help you be productive and healthy. 
  • Over 25 recipes 
  • A Grocery Shopping List 
  • A Ramadan Meal Plan Template
  • Tips On Meal Prep and Meal Planning

Sneak Peek Into the Productivity Guide

Sneak Peek Into The Mindful Guide

Free 7 Days Iftar Recipe Book

We want to offer you a free seven days Iftar Recipe Book!! We know some of us are having to make up some fasting days, and we wanted to make that process easier for you. These recipes are nutritious, delicious, and will fuel your body with all the nutrients you need. You will also get an idea of the kind of recipes you can expect in our two other guides.

We hope you enjoy this completely FREE gift from us. 

Whether your goal is to be productive or to slow down and turn inwards this Ramadan, we got you covered! We will also give 25% of the proceeds to a charity.