Why Your Book Needs its Own Facebook Page

Aside from having your own personal author page, another marketing technique is to have a dedicated Facebook Page for your book. Some of you may find it irrelevant or redundant, having two separate pages for promotion, but here are three reasons why your book should have its own Facebook Page.

Fan Base

Readers of your book will be glad to discuss it with others who read it as well. It would be a great avenue to give them a place where they can share their thoughts about the book and eventually encourage more readers. 


Another way that your book will be known on the internet is through its readers' interaction. If they are able to tag your book's page in their posts and stories, it's going to be a positive marketing reinforcement for the book.

Updates and Future Sales

If you were able to keep track of all your readers in one place (this case the Facebook Page), it will be easier for you to reach out to them for future updates, upcoming events and book launches. 






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