Why Email Marketing is For Authors Like You

If you are an author and are not doing email marketing, you are definitely missing out on many marketing opportunities for your books.

Here are 3 reasons why email marketing is for authors like you. 

You talk directly to your readers.

With email marketing, you don't rely on algorithms to get your audience's attention. The emails you write will land directly in their inbox.

Email marketing is less expensive. You can send thousands of emails without spending too much. 

You write! If you are an author, your best way to sell yourself is to write. Yes, in email marketing, you write to your audience, and that's what you do best! 

Email Marketing Essentials

A privacy policy that explains to your subscribers what information you collect from them. Craft your privacy policy carefully in order to protect both yours and your readers' interest. 

An unsubscribe link in every email. You are required to place an unsubscribe link to every email, as part of the readers' prerogative if they wanted to be opted out from your list anytime. 

A landing page or a full website where people can sign up for your email list. Your landing page/sign-up page should be persuasive and attractive at the same time. 

An email marketing software, like Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Sendinblue, and many more. There are a bunch of options available online. 

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