Why Authors Use Pseudo Names or Pen Names

Do you have a pseudo name? or Have you thought about using one?

Authors are using pen names for a variety of reasons, and if you are still deciding at this point whether to have one or not, here are some of the reasons why authors use pseudo names.


Pen names or pseudo names are all about branding. Authors choose a pen name that represents their brand, and style of writing. Some authors who write in different genres also use different pseudo names to protect their main brand.

Many authors choose their pen names in consideration of how they are going to market and promote their book.

Identity Protection

There are different types of genres and books written that may pique the emotional interest of the audience. Authors who write personal stories that are sensitive in nature use pen names to protect their family background as well.


If the author's name is too common and easily forgettable, they use pseudo names. They also use pen names if there are already published authors with the same name as them.

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