Three Major Book Cover Design Mistakes

They say never judge a book by its cover. But that is exactly what we do. Poor cover designs can potentially minimize your book sales. People will judge the quality of writing base on the cover. And if the cover is not enticing enough to get your readers attention, your books will be hardly noticed.

Keep in mind that high-quality book designs will make an impact in your reader's overall purchase decision.

In self-publishing, we are always tempted to do it on your own using free resources. I have mentioned in my previous posts that it is best advised to hire a professional book cover designer in order to avoid these three major mistakes.

Consider your target audience.
Before creating your design, determine exactly who you are designing for. Knowing your target audience helps you come up with a specific style, color palette and even font choices. Specific design choices appeal to specific group of audience.

Poor Typography
Fonts that dont match the style of the book.Poor font pairing choices. Avoid pairing two different fornts that clearly do not work well together.

Poor Image Integration
Using multiple images in your book cover is critical. It's not wrong, but it makes it hard for the design to come up harmoniuos. The photos dont integrate well and it ruins the entire cover design.

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