How To Use Instagram for Authors in 2021

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Instagram is a huge platform with millions of users connecting anyone to everyone. If you are a self-published author and you are on Instagram, here are 3 different ways on how you can use this platform to your advantage. 

Develop a Strategic Branding

Stick to your specific branding colors, fonts, and theme. Make sure that it is aligned with your book's message/ genre. Instagram is highly run on visuals and it will not be effective if your branding is all over the place. Stick to a certain set of branding styles and maintain it. 

Create Relevant Content

Instagram users are all about consuming content. Create Instagram posts that your target audience can enjoy. A secret to getting loyal followers is to feed them with great content that will be useful for them. Remember to update regularly so that you are constantly in their feeds. 

Utilize the Power of Hashtags

Instagram uses the power of hashtags to connect relevant topics/industries and niches together. So make sure that all your posts are using hashtags that are relevant to your message/books/brand. 

Use URLs and Calls-to-Action

Although links cannot be added to the actual posts on Instagram, your website and other personal links can be added in your bio description. If you want people to go to a particular link, use call to action phrases like "Link is in our Bio." 

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