Debunking Self-Publishing Myths

What's holding you back from finishing and self-publishing that book? Are you still unsure if self-publishing is for you?

There might be some sort of fear in you that's keeping you from moving forward with this venture. Let me help you debunk some of the most common self-publishing myths. 

Self-Publishing Is Expensive

You will not be spending thousands of dollars on self-publishing. The secret is to find professional editors and cover designers that will provide quality work for affordable prices. There are many services available for you without breaking the bank.

You Will Not Make Money in Self-Publishing

Potential income for self-published authors is unlimited. Self-published authors have the freedom in deciding the prices and the number of marketing efforts that will boost sales. Self-published authors can enjoy up to 70% royalties compared to 10% being received in traditional publishing.  

Self-Publishing Isn’t “Real” Publishing

This myth says that self-published authors do not have access to major retailers which makes them almost non-existent to the market. Right now, since Amazon changed the game scene in 1994, self-published books have become more accessible to the wider audience with success stories of selling more than a million copies per year. That's real publishing there. 

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