4 Powerful Book Promotions for Self Publish Authors

Marketing your book involves a lot of work. So it is best that we know how to promote our books strategically so we do not waste our efforts on something not effective at all. Here, let me share 4 powerful book promotion ideas that will change the game for your book’s visibility, and how to hit the hyper-targeted market to get more sales for your book. 

1. Establish a blog or website. 

Your blog or website will help you establish an authority in your niche/genre. Write down short articles or blogs that your target audience can consume. For example, if your book is for travelers, you can start by writing travel tips, destinations in your blog and eventually introduce your blog audience to your in-depth book about travel. This technique can be applied to any niche. 

2. Increase your online presence

You might immediately think that I am talking about the social media presence.  Apart from social media, there are other parts of the internet world that you can dominate to promote your book. There will be a lot of forums about your niche out there that you can join. If you are writing a book about parenting, join parenting forums and start interacting with the members by providing insights and inputs to the discussions. In your signature, you can put the link to your book or to your website. 

3. Invest in a professional cover design service

A professional design cover is crucial to a book's success in sales. You may want to hire a professional designer to produce a beautifully designed book cover that will capture your reader's interest and potentially convert them into sales. 

4. Maximize your distribution channels

Increase your book's visibility and sales by maximizing your distribution channels. Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for ebooks is the biggest channel you can use for distribution. Don't hesitate to include Apple’s iBooks, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and Kobo in the list of your distribution channels and you have already covered a big percentage of chances in selling your books to the larger market. 

The simple steps above are nothing technical in nature and can be set up easily as long as you put your commitment to them. The key is to be consistent until you get results. 

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