4 Most Common Mistakes That Self-Published Authors Make

While most of us believe that we can learn from our own mistakes, we can also prevent making these mistakes by learning them in advance and avoiding them right?

They say that self publishing is both a complicated yet fun and easy process. There are many tips out there from self published authors who have successfully endured the process. Aside from those tips and tricks. I'd also like to share 4 of the Most Common Mistakes That Self-Published Authors Make so you can avoid them. 

Mistake #1: Not Researching About Self-Publishing Process 

Most authors think that self publishing is easy and fun. I agree, yes it can be, only if you learn the process and read about the best and worst practices from those who have gone through the whole process. Self publishing can be a complicated process too, but with the help of many available resources out there, it is possible 

Mistake #2: Not Hiring Professional Editing Services

This has been reiterated many times. Use a professional editing service for your book. One of the biggest nightmare that could happen to an author is to self publish their books with errors and plot holes. You are putting your reputation as an author at risk.  Remember that editing and writing are two different skills. Sometimes it is hard to spot our own mistakes so trust the editors to take care of the editing. 

Mistake #3: Not Hiring a Professional Book Cover Designer

Professional book cover designers will know how to make your book stand out from the crowd. Do not DIY this part and potentially ruin the entire future of your book. A professional design gives your book a fighting edge. It makes it beautiful from the outside while painting the genre and emotion of your book.

Mistake #4: Not Creating a Marketing Plan

Neglecting a marketing plan for your book is like rejecting tons of potential sales in the future. While writing and publishing is already an accomplishment for many authors, marketing your book the proper way doubles your accomplishment and eventually book sales. Set aside an ample time for you to plan out a marketing technique and actually implement it. There are tons of marketing ways, and channels that you can use to introduce your book to a wider yet highly targeted set of audience. 

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