4 Little Known Ways that Will Help You Market Your Book Effectively

Have you been marketing your book effectively? Did you encounter any challenges lately in getting your book known to the market? In this simple guide, I have outlined four little-known ways that will help you step up your marketing game effectively. 

A Landing Page on Your Website

If you are promoting your book on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, create a beautiful and attractive landing page and host it on your website. 

Hosting the landing page on your own website is like bringing your potential audience to your own home and showing them what else you have to offer. There is a big chance that once they are inside your website, they will browse other tabs too. So make sure that your website is professional and updated. 

Write A Blog About the Book

Writing blogs and promoting your upcoming book creates a sense of excitement for your audience. The more you tease them of what to expect from your book, the more they look forward to it. Teasers like this create a feeling of inclusion to your audience about the secret that you are about to unfold. 

Set up a Countdown Timer with Your Audience

A countdown timer makes your readers excited. You are bringing a sense of anticipation to your readers as the launch date approaches. 

Release Video Clips and Teaser Campaigns

Another way to give your audience some excitement is to give them video teaser clips about your book. I know that creating videos is a daunting task, or maybe an additional expense on your part but it surely pays off in the long run as it pokes the curiosity of your audience to get to know more about your book. 


If you are new to self-publishing and is looking for a guidance throughout the process, I have written a comprehensive guide that will give you the information and confidence to pursue Self-Publishing!


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