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Top five tips for a successful road trip with toddlers

By rahmarodaah | February 11, 2018

1. Rent an Airbnb or hotel with kitchenette One thing that I can no longer do without is feeling at home even when traveling. The home essentials such as a kitchen and a washer and dryer are simply nonnegotiable for me now. Like most people we used to rent hotels whenever we would travel, but …

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My Writings

Dear Daughter,

By rahmarodaah | November 20, 2018

  You are growing up in a world where the female body is everywhere for public consumption, where women’s most valuable assets are displayed on a daily basis. These women are conditioned to believe that their bodies are a commodity or an access pass to the most exclusive circles. How am I to raise you …

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Spiritual Life

Friday is the best day

By rahmarodaah | March 1, 2018

Fridays were always my favorite days since I started school and then entered the workforce. I would wake up on Fridays mornings knowing that the week was almost done and the sweet relief of the weekend would shortly be upon us. Then I had kids and out the window went the anticipation of sleeping in …

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