Mom Life

Motherhood a Self-Love Journey

By rahmarodaah | February 1, 2018

I’m the oldest of seven kids and therefore I was born with an extra weight of responsibility and standard to live up to. Both my parents lost their own parents really young, therefore neither of them learned to be parents from anyone but themselves. They escaped from a civil war in Somalia, with no certitude …

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My Writings

Dear Daughter,

By rahmarodaah | November 20, 2018

  You are growing up in a world where the female body is everywhere for public consumption, where women’s most valuable assets are displayed on a daily basis. These women are conditioned to believe that their bodies are a commodity or an access pass to the most exclusive circles. How am I to raise you …

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Spiritual Life

Friday is the best day

By rahmarodaah | March 1, 2018

Fridays were always my favorite days since I started school and then entered the workforce. I would wake up on Fridays mornings knowing that the week was almost done and the sweet relief of the weekend would shortly be upon us. Then I had kids and out the window went the anticipation of sleeping in …

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