Rahma Rodaah was born and raised in Hargeisa, Somalia. Shortly before the civil war broke out; at the age of eight, her family immigrated to Canada. They arrived in Quebec where she attended her first formal school in French. The first few years were very difficult being the only black Somali girl in her class. She endured years of bullying due to her inability to speak the language. After two years, they moved to Ottawa where she continued her education in French and became versed in English. Being the eldest of seven kids, she took on the role of helper to her mother at home as well as her interpreter for all formal visits.

In 2001, the family made the decision to relocate to Edmonton, Alberta where she commenced her university studies in international business but decided to return to Ontario to complete her degree at the University of Ottawa in International development. She returned to Edmonton in 2007 where she worked in non-profits for a few years but she currently employed by the Ministry of Community and Social Services for the Government of Alberta. Her passion to inspire newcomers to achieve their goals for a better life was instilled in her by her parents. They taught her the belief that with hard work anything is possible. Her motto: “where there is a will there is a way”.

Rahma Rodaah Author

After becoming a mother, she set out to self-publish children books to encourage youth to be proud of their uniqueness by celebrating diversity. Reflecting on her struggles of growing up in a foreign country, she is determined to offer books centered on characters that are Muslim and with African roots. Rahma believes that children need to be able to identify themselves in the book they read to enhance their self-confidence as well as bolster their sense of pride.